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Mod Application
﹃ Please make your own copy if you are willing to apply for the moderator position ﹄
Name/Username: Mel
What makes you feel that you are capable of becoming a moderator?
because i feel like im a respnsible person, and i also want to keep order :'L
Have you been in any position of a leader?
yes, i have had my own chatroom in the past, however i am on another account due to the fact i forgot my pw... ;-;
A user is being disruptive/rude to others? What do you do?
it depends on the problem, give the person a warning. after that warning, if what they are doing is unacceptable, i will silence them for 10 mins, then unsilence. if they continue, i will silence them untill the next day. if it continues still they will be perm-silenced
If you are being threatened \ or being challenged by another, what would you do?
explain my side and reasoning, if they are continuing to threaten or challenged i will say i dont care, if they continue to be a bother, il silence them for a period of time.
Can you handle any situation under stress in a calm manner? Provide times where you have if you can.
yes, there was this person who wanted to rp with me, but when i didnt be a character they wanted me to be, they cussed me out in the pms, i didnt bring it into the main chat. i think they heavily vented out on me. so whenever i come into the chatroom again, they say hello. nothing else.
How long have you been on Chatzy?  
about a couple months
Have you been with us for some time? If you can, please tell us how long.
idk like maybe 5-7 weeks
Any questions?
nope :L

You must understand, as a moderator, you have to respect every and all fandoms/characters. If you decide to make anyone in the room uncomfortable, you will lose your privileges as a moderator. If your actions are severe, there will be a potential ban or silence.

Thank you for your participation! We will look over your application as soon as possible, so please be patient if we have not gotten to your application yet!

Please present your application to either a mod or admin.

~ Izzy <3
Sketchbook doodles (Kem oc)
My oc from my rp twins.
Kem is a nervous, shy, 15 year old girl. When she enters a fight, her face turns in the tragedy theater mask. Tho twins, she is very different from her brother.
my entry
i know it kinda sucks but this is the best i can do with msp XD


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United States
Hello! im creepergirl and i plan to do stuff..... and stuff.
i like undertale, fnaf, pokemon, minecraft, and other stuff.


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Thanks for the llama :)